MarTechSeries Roundup Mentions Fusionex Deal With Corporate Group



In April this year, MarTech Series shares an update on the latest news on Fusionex in their daily round-up. The article talked about Fusionex’s deal with an international corporate group. It will allow the modernization of the company’s approach to customers using valuable digital technology advancements on Big Data and AI.

Client’s Brief Background

The new client is one of the largest retail chains in their region. Their business ventures include, but not limited to, credit card services, shopping center development, and specialty store operations. For decades, this international financial services and hypermarket group have approximately 300 subsidiaries and affiliates all around the globe.

Scope Of The Deal

Throughout the years of their operation, they have accumulated vast amounts of data on customer transactions and credit services. The BDA platform will help in making use of this data to discover ground-breaking ideas through analyzing patterns and trends. 

This multi-year deal will pave the way for Fusionex to lend their data technology capabilities. Their goal is to improve their customer service through personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. The current social climate presents a new challenge as people become more dependent on technology and demand urgency with their transactions.

The Role Of Big Data Analytics

With the use of their world-class solutions, Fusionex will provide its services to improve customer engagement, improve business processes, and show the importance of data. This development will facilitate the improvement of their products and services in catering to today’s modern customers. They seek to transform the overall experience of their customers.

Integrating data technology solutions to the client’s business environment will allow the smooth and transparent flow of customer transactions. The platform will enable them to send out campaigns and promotions based on the customer’s interests. As a result, it will bring in more customers, improve their revenue, and ultimately increase customer sales.

Technology helps businesses change with the demands of their customers. They have to keep up with the time so that their products and services will remain relevant. Data technology enables you to stay ahead of the trend and make data-driven decisions to boost your business.